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Pathway Corporate HeadquartersPathway Biologic is a company located in Plant City Florida. We produce beneficial bacteria and fungi for Turf & Ornamental markets. Pathway has combinations, or if you will, groups of bacterial strains (poly-microbial) which work together to increase the productivity of traditional fertilizers. Our beneficial strains of bacteria and fungi break down necessary nutrients into a more soluble form and hold them in the root zone longer, making these nutrients easier for the plant to use when it needs them.

Our Biological Products work with turfgrass and ornamentals to help them achieve their full potential, through healthier roots and greater nutrient efficiency. The result being heathier plants which are able to offset environmental stresses. Pathway products also work to balance out the effects from different physical and chemical soil parameters which are frequently observed in landscape and turf soils, thus providing more consistent landscapes and playing surfaces.

Depending on construction or planting methods, and/or what purpose turfgrass and ornamental plants are being utilized for, soil types can vary drastically. When cut and fill procedures are implemented to construct home sites, parks, or athletic fields, the soil is disturbed creating inconsistencies in soil characteristics and an imbalance in the microbial community. And in the case of golf greens, an initial sterile medium of 80% or more sand means the microbial flora is constantly in flux. Pathway products infuse the soil with naturally occurring beneficial bacteria and fungi at high concentrations to help overcome these imbalances, providing more productive soils . . . and thereby a healthier plant.

Due to the great expense often entailed in modern landscape and golf maintenance, Pathway believes that every product we sell should pay for itself. Through improved plant health, better nutrient availability, and more uniform and vigorous plants, our products do just that. We have also gone to great lengths to make deployment as cost effective as possible, from being blended into liquid fertilizer, sprayed onto dry fertilizer, solubles through boom sprays, injected though irrigation, through drenches, and granulars applied with a walk spreader. We try to fit all lawn, golf, and ornamental application methods.

When you sit back and think about it for a minute it will all make sense. Advanced Microbiology with practical applications!

What makes us different?