Research and Development

The use of beneficial microorganisms is always bringing new challenges to successfully deliver inoculum to the targeted plant, to lower cost of applications, to develop suitable formulations, and to extend the shelf life of our products.

Pathway’s lab is creating solutions to the challenges that growers face daily. Pathway’s R&D division is working extensively in developing new formulations that are compatible with fertilizers and pesticides, in developing new formulations that can be applied as seed treatments or in any other stage of the crop development, in developing new ways of exploiting the spore and metabolite production of our inoculants, in developing new ways to efficiently deliver the inoculant to the crops, and in developing new strategies for managing current plant issues.

Defining the course of the PATH

photo-18Pathway Biologic is permanently Bio-prospecting for new or better bio-products or technological processes from biological sources. Molecules derived from natural products particularly microorganisms have an excellent record of providing novel chemical structures for developing new bioactives and biomaterials. Pathway’s lab continues with the isolation of independent microbes to maintain the regular supply for screening exercises.

The target is not only microbes but the bioactive molecule (s). Pathway’s lab will be employing the metabolic profile or growth on different media as a criterion for selecting the isolates. This will ensure that even the same isolate, if challenged with different stresses could make new molecules that could potentially be used for agriculture and biotechnology.

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