Quality Control

Pathway’s laboratory engages in a range of activities that enable our company to achieve and maintain high levels of accuracy and proficiency, following high quality standards. In order to accomplish this, we established standard operating procedures (SOPs) for each step of the laboratory testing process, ranging from instrument usage to sample processing, from keeping records to data evaluation.

Pathway’s inoculants are tested with the highest standards in quality control. We assure purity, presence of the strains listed in the label, and concentration in all of our products. Also, specific tests, such as Total coliforms, E. coli and Salmonella presence/absence are performed daily to guarantee the quality of our finished formulated products, active ingredients and bulking agents.

Another critical point in our lab is to deliver to our customers a final product that not only assures the contents and concentration, but also its shell life. Part of this product quality assurance is simulating storage conditions and testing our products over time to evaluate Pathway’s products shelf life.

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