PowerCoat™PowerCoat® is a consortium of polymicrobial strain PGPR’s (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria) formulated to enhance bulk dry fertilizer solutions and soil amendments. The polymicrobial strains have been selected for their ability to build strong relationships with crop plants, providing a healthier environment more conducive for plant growth. Plant growth is enhanced due to the more active nature of the soil microbiome. The plant microbe relationships also provide greater opportunity for growth and increased yield under stressful conditions such as drought and salinity.

Available in 2 x 2.5 gal case, 275 or 330 gal tote.


The BioCharged impregnation process must be done at a commercial fertilizer or retailer that is equipped for this type of procedure. The Application Rate of PowerCoat is 128 oz (1 gallon) per ton (2000 lbs) of bulk fertilizer. The delivery nozzles must be placed inside the mixer and positioned to provide uniform spray coverage of the tumbling fertilizer. The target rate of PowerCoat should be impregnated on a minimum of 250 lbs of dry fertilizer per acre to ensure sufficient dry fertilizer volume for adequate coverage when applied. Although not required, it is recommended that a dye be added to the PowerCoat to differentiate the impregnated fertilizer from the non treated fertilizer. After the PowerCoat has been applied to the fertilizer, continuously mix the fertilizer in the mixer for as long as needed to ensure uniform prill coverage.


Apply PowerCoat impregnated fertilizer during the normal fertilizer schedule. PowerCoat can be banded or broadcast at time of planting. If broadcast, a 100% overlap is recommended; non-uniform spreading may result in unsatisfactory performance.

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