PowerBlend®PowerBlend® is a consortium of polymicrobial strain PGPR’s (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria) formulated to enhance bulk liquid fertilizer solutions. It can be applied in furrow, foliar, or deployed through various forms of irrigation. The polymicrobial strains have been selected for their ability to build strong relationships with crop plants, providing a healthier environment more conducive for plant growth. Plant growth is enhanced due to the more active nature of the soil microbiome. The plant microbe relationships also provide greater opportunity for growth and increased yield under stressful conditions such as drought and salinity.

Available in 275 or 330 gal tote.


Pathway utilizes the latest advancements in microbial technology to formulate multiple microbial groups into one product. PowerBlend is composed of multiple strains and species of Bacillus (B. subtilis, B. methylotrophicus, B. lichenformis, B. amyloliquefasciens, B. megaterium). The consortium consist of particular species and strains of bacteria that form colonies in a complex sugar and protein matrix along the root surface, building a coating referred to as a biofilm. The selected bacteria live both within the root and the biofilm “coating”.

Pathway has selected the bacteria in PowerBlend for their ability to:

  • Root growth is increased by bacterial production of metabolites – increases the capture of Nitrogen and water (more efficient use of fertilizer and irrigation)
  • Phosphorus uptake is enhanced by the greater root volume and the production of Phosphorous solubilizing enzymes
  • Iron uptake is improved by the production of natural chelating agents (siderophores)
  • Photosynthesis is enhanced by greater leaf area, canopy development, and increased chlorophyll content; a result of bacterial metabolite production. This result is measured in increased production of starches, sugars and bio solids. Each of which contribute to harvested quality and yield.
  • The inherent characteristics of the crop ecosystem is improved.

Bulk Liquid – Maintain effective rate of 16 to 32 oz per acre. Use 16 oz rate per application when implementing preferred program of multiple applications during production season.

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