Pathway’s Inoculants

Pathway’s products are complex blends specially formulated with mixtures of Polymicrobial strains. These beneficial microbes have been identified to strain level using molecular techniques and characterized for metabolite production and presence of plant growth traits. Compatibility tests for our strains ensure that they don’t inhibit one another. This means that our products are formulated with multiple beneficial and compatible strains.

Production Process

L (51)Pathway’s products are made following optimized fermentation processes for spore and metabolite production with high quality standards to deliver a consistent and effective final product that our costumers can take to the field. The basis of Pathway’s products is that combination of strains provides multiple mechanisms for increased nutrient use efficiency and greater plant prodcutivity

Pathway’s laboratory is committed to the development of new formulations containing spore preparations for growth promotion and plant health in cultivated plants. Our specific approach and combination of strains allows us to develop products that are tailored to the needs of our clients and provide the best possible formulation for overall plant health.

Formulation Process

Formulation of the microorganism is an important process after fermentation. Recovery and developing new products that is stable and safe has always been Pathway’s lab mission.

photo-7Formulation plays a big role in the final use and success of the inoculant and knowledge about parameters such as solubility and compatibility is indispensable. The right formulation can remove these shortcomings, and the importance of having the right formulation has never been underestimated by Pathway’s lab.

Different customers have different needs, which Pathway’s entire lab is able to meet when it comes to delivering products exactly as required. Pathway covers a wide range of microbial formulations, ranging from liquid products and various forms of solid products to immobilized microorganisms. Pathway’s lab is able to tailor the formulation of our inoculants to the requirements of different industries and customers.

Seed Fermetation Illustration

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