Pathway Partners with Nachurs Alpine Solutions to Bring Rhyzo-Link Fertilizer to Market

The Science of Soil Health: Soil Feeds Plants, and Vice Versa
The Science of Soil Health: Soil Feeds Plants, and Vice Versa
October 1, 2014
Advancing Nutrient Efficiency with Nachurs Rhyzo-Link
March 20, 2015
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Pathway Partners with Nachurs Alpine Solutions to Bring Rhyzo-Link Fertilizer to Market

Pathway Biologic, LLC of Plant City, FL is a microbial science company and an emerging leader in the applied science of Poly Microbial Technology and Formulations that boost soil value, optimize plant growth, encourage plant health, increase crop performance, improve the efficiency of fertilizer and water in the growing process.

Pathway’s PGPR (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria) are formulated to enhance nutrient cycling, nutrient efficiency, nutrient availability, and uptake through Phosphorus (P) solubilization, Nitrogen (N) cycling, and the chelation of Iron (Fe) through the synthesis of organic acids and siderophores. Pathway’s PGPR’s increase root growth and enrich the recycling of organic matter into plant usable compounds and nutrients, supporting plant health by encouraging positive plant immune responses.

PowerBlend™ and PowerCoat™ are formulated to enhance primary and secondary nutrient inputs. PowerBlend™ is for liquid fertility and PowerCoat™ is for dry fertility impregnation; utilizing the fertilizer as a carrier of the PGPR ensures application at the right rate, right time, right place, and right frequency to provide an ROI for the grower.

Pathway has recently partnered with Nachurs Alpine Solutions, to announce a ground-breaking new advancement in fertility, the Rhyzo-Link fertilizer. Rhyzo-Link™ is unique to the marketplace. It is a revolutionary combination of premium fertilizer with Pathway’s poly microbial PowerBlend™, a blend of 8 unique strains of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR). This combination immediately goes to work in–furrow with the seed, or on the leaf surface to increase nutrient availability and enhance nutrient uptake.

Rhyzo-Link combination stimulates plant and root growth and has the natural ability to increase overall plant health, as well as activate plant defense mechanisms.

Because of the multi-dimensional benefits they provide, PGPR strains are being integrated by all of the major agricultural product providers. In general, microbial or biologic fertilizers have lacked product consistency. Glen Crowe, National Sales Manager for Pathway tells us “The term biologic is like saying fertilizer, it doesn’t define anything”. He goes on to say, “Other products are derived from compost teas, manure teas; and/or formulated with inconsistent, incompatible biological groups. Pathway products are consistent and compatible because the strains are derived from pure cultures and are formulated specifically to enhance primary and secondary nutrients. Fertilizer provides an excellent delivery system for the PGPR; typically farmers can expect to increase crop yield and quality by 5 to 20%”.

Pathway is technology independent, producing Pathway product ingredients in our molecular and production laboratories. The ingredients are then further processed into formulations and distributed through our qualified fertilizer and chemical distributors

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