NaturizeNaturize® is a fortified supplemental fertilizer containing polymicrobial strain PGPRs (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria) that can be blended into bulk liquid fertilizer solutions or tank-mixed with a wide range of fertility and crop protection products. It can be sprayed in furrow, foliar, or deployed through various forms of irrigation. The polymicrobial strains have been selected for their ability to build strong relationships with crop plants and improve the activity of the soil microbiome, providing a healthier environment more conducive for plant growth. The plant microbe relationships also provide greater opportunity for growth and increased yield.

Naturize® is tank-mix compatible with most fertilizer and pesticide solutions but a bench test is recommended.

Available in 2 x 2.5 case, 275 gal tote.

PATHWAY TECHNOLOGY – “It’s about species selection and formulation”

Pathway products are unique in the agriculture industry because of our formulation technology and ability to deliver a truly effective rate of bacterial spores through a wide range of common agricultural practices. The consortium of selected bacterial spores are derived from proprietary strains of bacteria and formulated to allow for ease of application/use. This provides the grower with consistent product performance when applied at the recommended rates.

Pathway has selected the bacteria in Naturize® for their ability to:

  • Root growth is increased by bacterial production of metabolites – increases the capture of Nitrogen and water (more efficient use of fertilizer and irrigation)
  • Phosphorus uptake is enhanced via the greater root volume and the production of Phosphorous solubilizing enzymes
  • Iron uptake is improved by the production of natural chelating agents (siderophores)
  • Photosynthesis is enhanced by greater leaf area, canopy development, and increased chlorophyll content; a result of bacterial metabolite production. This result is measured in increased production of starches, sugars and bio solids. Each of which contribute to harvested quality and yield.
  • The inherent characteristics of the crop ecosystem is improved

Pathway utilizes the latest advancements in microbial technology to formulate multiple microbial groups into one product. Naturize® is composed of multiple strains and species of Bacillus (B. subtilis, B. methylotrophicus, B. licheniformis). The consortium consist of particular species and strains of bacteria that form colonies in a complex sugar and protein matrix along the root surface, building a coating referred to as a biofilm. The selected bacteria live both within the root and the biofilm “coating”.

  • Bulk Liquid – Maintain effective rate of 16 to 32 oz per acre
  • Starter or Side Dress – 16 to 32 oz per acre
  • Foliar Application – 16 to 32 oz per acre
  • Broadcast – 64 oz per acre
  • Cuttings & Bare Root – 32 to 64 oz in 50 gallons water for dipping
  • Greenhouse & Nursery – 24 to 32 oz per 20,000 sq. ft. through drip or spray
  • Transplant – 24 to 32 oz in 50 gallons water, apply as a drench

For further specifications, refer to Rates & Frequency table on product label or contact your Product Representative.

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