Naturize Products

NaturizeNaturize™ products were developed, around the understanding that there is a symbiotic relationship between the roots of a plant and beneficial microbes. This is why all Naturize™ products contain a proprietary blend of beneficial microorganisms, which include not only microorganisms naturally found in the soil, but also Pathway’s own patented strains which help further promote a healthy environment for beneficial microbes . Just as soil often lacks sufficient quantities of the nutrients required to grow plants at peak productivity, so it also often lacks a healthy population of beneficial microorganisms to support the plant. Naturize™ products help support and promote these populations resulting in increased plant growth, vigor, productivity, root systems, and nutrient uptake.

Naturize™ 15-30-15

Naturize™ 15-30-15 Combines specially formulated plant food nutrients with beneficial microorganisms. This combination creates a bio-charged plant food fertilizer, which goes above and beyond traditional fertilizers. 15-30-15 addresses the whole picture when it comes to plant nutrient uptake, providing not only the nutrients the plant needs but, also beneficial microorganisms that promote the uptake of those nutrients. This is a result of the microbe’s natural ability to promote the plant’s root system, and aid in converting the nutrients into a form more readily available to the plant. This comprehensive approach to a plant food fertilizer results in larger, more productive, and more robust plants. All this in an easy to apply water soluble form for indoor/ outdoor use that can be applied with a watering can or traditional feeder jar attached to a hose.

Naturize™ PGA Liquid

Naturize™ PGA (Plant Growth Activator) Provides plant growth stimulating microorganisms including broad spectrum of beneficial Bacteria and Fungi to the root system of the plant. These microorganisms promote nutrient availability and uptake, facilitate healthy microbial activity in the soil, reduce planting and transplant shock, and aid in the establishment and health of the plant increasing its resistance to environmental extremes (Heat, Drought). It comes in a liquid form which can be applied during watering and used as a root drench during planting or transplanting.

Naturize™ Fungi Inoculant

Naturize™ Fungi Inoculant is designed to MAXIMIZE soil aggregation, larger root systems, more blooms and fruits, thicker stalks and greener leaves.

Naturize™ Potting Mix Inoculant

Naturize™ Potting Mix Inoculant is designed to build a productive and microbial active potting mix . . . Potting Mix that maximizes the availability and benefit of nutrient inputs, and root growth.