Manage Fungi™

Manage Fungi™Manage Fungi™ is a multi-strain inoculant containing beneficial Trichoderma and Mycorrhizal fungi. It is designed to maximize soil aggregation, increase root growth, and mine the soil for nutrients. Manage Fungi™ is an excellent tool for plant establishment and mitigating transplant shock.

Do not tank-mix Manage Fungi with fungicides.

Available in 10 pound bag, 40 pound case.

Beneficial Trichoderma and Mycorrhizal fungi create a web effect in the soil profile increasing the surface area that roots can utilize for more efficient nutrient and water uptake. A healthier, more productive soil and root system insures optimum plant growth and productivity.

Product Benefits
Increased Improved
  • Root Flush and Development
  • Nutrient Solubilization
  • Soil Aggregation
  • Plant Establishment
  • Water Use Efficiency
  • Transplant Shock Tolerance
Pure Culture Technology

Pathway utilizes the latest advancements in microbial technology and pure culture science to formulate multi-strain microbial groups that enhance and balance beneficial microbial populations in the rhizosphere. Diverse and strain specific, these microbes are formulated with market leading concentration, and are characterized as having exceptional performance and viability. Inoculating on a regular schedule provides a more productive soil that maximizes the benefits of your nutrient and control inputs.

Beneficial Trichoderma and Mycorrhizal Fungi

Manage Fungi™ combines the benefits of Trichoderma and Endomycorrhizal fungi.

Trichoderma spp: Produces enzymes that mine the soil for nutrients (Phosphorous, Calcium, and Iron) making them more plant available and transporting those nutrients into the plant. Provides plants with enhanced root structure and production of natural growth promoting metabolites. Glomus spp: Endomycorrhizal fungi formulated into Manage Fungi™ are in the Glomus genus. These symbiotic fungi produce a network of hyphae around roots improving the plants mineral and water absorption capabilities. This significantly improves drought resistance, nutrient uptake, and soil aggregation.
  • Pre-plant – 8 to 16 oz per acre using 35 to 50 gal water
  • In-Furrow or Banded – 8 to 16 oz per acre
  • Chemigation – 4 to 8 oz per acre
  • Turfgrass – 8 to 16 oz per acre
  • Sod Production – 8 to 16 oz per acre
  • Cuttings & Bare Root – 16 to 32 oz per 50 gallons water for dipping
  • Transplants – 8 oz per 50 gallons water, apply as a drench
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