Key Markets

Pathway is a biotech manufacturer and marketer of advanced beneficial microbial products for the agriculture market and for the turf and ornamental market. We specialize in agri-science applications that optimize a plant’s genetic potential for growth and health, whether it be fruits, vegetables, row crops, turf grass, flowering plants, etc.

“Voice of the Grower”

Listening is putting the customer at the center of our business; the heartbeat of Pathway’s R&D and product development. Our products and formulations are focused around the “grower” to ensure ease of deployment within traditional cultural practices, to deliver consistent product performance, and to allow for a clear ROI. The ability to “stack” products effectively reduces the costs of product applications. Because of our patented product formulations, which include soluble, liquid, granular, stand alone or blended options, we can be a component within your primary or secondary nutrient package, turning 2 step applications into a 1 step application. This facilitates an economic benefit while also enabling the grower to realize greater nutrient utilization, greater plant uniformity, greater plant resistance, and overall improved crop production.

Matt Border of Neat-N-Sweet Farms Discusses Pathway’s Microbial Technology