Optimal Level of Productivity-

Improve Root Growth and Soil Productivity in Turf Programs…
May 23, 2016
Pathway Biologic Research on HLB is Bearing Fruit:
June 2, 2016
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Optimal Level of Productivity-

Optimal level of productivity

A take-a-way from a recent industry seminar aimed to drive home the importance of linking inputs to yield … What do you put in? What do you get out? Make sure that your inputs allow you to obtain the optimal level of productivity. At Pathway we couldn’t agree more. Our microbial solutions are designed to do just that, OPTIMIZE RESULTS.

Grounded in nutrient use efficiency – a key phrase adopted by Pathway that’s at the forefront of what we do. Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria in Pathway products improve the uptake and cycling of nitrogen, solubilize and ferry phosphorus into the plant, and increase root growth. PGPR’s are not replacing the need for a sound fertility program, but rather they optimize the efficacy of fertilizer inputs.

Plant vigor and growth – a benefit provided by PGPR. Pathway field reps are often asked about PGPR’s effect on disease… or nematodes …. stress in general. Pathway inoculants are not pesticides, and cannot be construed as such, but they do provide a healthier and more vigorous plant. This is accomplished by balancing the soil biome with beneficial bacteria, and providing a conducive environment for roots to thrive. PGPR’s do not replace pesticides, but optimize the growth and health of the plant.