Similar to fermentation, where microbes assimilate sugars and exude alcohols, our unique polymicrobial blends transform sugars and other nutrients into useful metabolites. These metabolites include siderophores (iron chelation), lipopeptides, and enzymes, to name a few. In addition, these multi-genus, multi-strains of bacteria provide far more depth, versatility and capabilities than single strains, across a wide range of soil pH, soil texture, soil moisture and other environmental and physical conditions.

These metabolites immediately go to work in the soil, or on the leaf surface, to enhance nutrient movement, and encourage root growth. Moreover, when the sporulated bacteria come in contact with the soil, in the environment conducive to growth, they come out of their protective shell and rapidly expand in number along the rhizosphere; and begin producing more metabolites, thereby providing the soil and plant with a continued source of active ingredients. Even more fascinating, some of the strains are endophytes which concentrate the “actives” where it matters most… in the plant.

Greater Performance & Profit

Microbial technology involves the use of microorganisms which when applied to… SEED, SOIL & PLANTS, AND FERTILIZER… promote plant growth by increasing the supply and availability of nutrients to the plant.

Bio-Charge Fertility

Our selective, diverse and synergistic polymicrobial strains replenish sterile soils, making nutrients more readily available to plants, thus potentially reducing fertilizer inputs without compromising yields, making the grower more BMP compliant.

Unique DeliveryUnique Delivery

Pathway’s biological patented technology allows us to apply our unique multi-genus, multi-strains of microbes on dry and liquid bulk fertilizer, enabling growers to manage higher yields, increase fertilizer efficiency, use less water … with no extra work … on all crop types, and in virtually all agricultural soils.

Versatile Product Line

  • Seed treatment, soil or foliar applications
  • Impregnated on dry, mixed with liquid fertilizer, or stand alone
  • Tank mix compatible with most control products

What’s in it and Why Microbial Interaction Technology

Our products consist of proprietary, complementing and diverse strains, and the metabolites the bacteria exude. Enhancing and managing your soil’s microbial population with a prescribed consortia of synergistic beneficial microbes, metabolites, and enzymes that are diverse and strain specific. Inoculating the soil on a regularly scheduled basis optimizes the microbial communities in the rhizosphere by design, not by chance. This energized, more productive soil maximizes the benefits of all your nutrient and control inputs, resulting in a more productive soil housing the plant.

Why it Works

  • Bio-Diversity: “swiss army knife” … one product with multiple tools/microbes for every needed bio-chemical function.
  • Bio-Redundancy: “back up plan” … one product, stacked with multiple species and strains of bacteria (duplicity) to accomplish similar tasks no matter what physical, chemical and biological variables they face.
  • Bio-Density: “billions per gram” … market leading enumeration and density with each application to ensure that needed microbial activity is maintained.
  • Bio-Synergy: “not just formulated for high numbers” … the complementary microbes are formulated to work synergistically to bio charge the soil.

What it Does

  • Increase desirable yields
  • Increase fruit set
  • Increases root growth and early plant development
  • Increase nutrient uptake and utilization
  • Improve crop quality
  • Improve soil texture and water retention