AgProfessional New Products of 2015 Award

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January 21, 2016
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February 12, 2016
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AgProfessional New Products of 2015 Award

AgProfessional Top 10 New Products of the Year Awards

AgProfessional Top 10 New Products of the Year AwardsThe ninth annual AgProfessional Editors’ Choice New Product of the Year Award winners are 10 of the newest, most innovative technologies for the agricultural industry specifically focused for use or sale by agricultural retailers, agronomists or crop consultants in collaboration with their farmer customers.This year’s Top 10 products were selected from the dozens of new products registered or introduced during 2015. To qualify as an award winner, the products had to be available for stocking or pre-order sales for use in the 2016 season, if they were not actually available for first-time use in 2015.

It is a challenge each year to pick the products that we see as including innovative technology and have marketing emphasis that will make them premier products and/or services in coming years. We are not concerned about whether the product has shown any sales and financial success as yet. These are introduction products with high potential in the minds of the AgProfessional editors.Also, in considering a candidate for the Top 10, we consider the publicity the product generated and the excitement the companies showed when introducing their new product. We never solicit entries for the list of Top 10. Instead, we look back over the year’s worth of product announcements and materials provided to us during the year. Our picks of the Top 10 are based on what the companies and their public relations agencies generated as news and followed-up web-based information. In the end, we rely on companies being truthful in their product information and news releases.


Nachurs Alpine Solutions of Marion, Ohio, recently partnered with Pathway Biologic, LLC of Plant City, Fla., to announce a new advancement in fertility, Rhyzo-Link fertilizer.

Rhyzo-Link is unique to the marketplace. It is a revolutionary combination of premium fertilizer with a blend of eight unique strains of Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria (PGPR). This combination immediately goes to work in-furrow with the seed, or on the leaf surface to increase nutrient availability and enhance nutrient uptake. Rhyzo-Link stimulates plant and root growth and has the natural ability to increase overall plant health. Initially, three formulations are being introduced. Each is a premium fertilizer that combines the highest quality ingredients including orthophosphate, Bio-K technology, essential micronutrients and PGPR technology.

Glen Crowe, national sales manager for Pathway, said, “Pathway products are consistent and compatible because the strains are derived from pure cultures, which are certified in each and every batch. Liquid fertilizer provides an excellent delivery system for the PGPR. Rhyzo-Link will stay in solution and remain viable for at least 18 months. Typically, farmers can expect to increase crop yield and quality by 5 to 20 percent.”

Tommy Roach, director, specialty products and product development for Nachurs explains how the rhizosphere and PGPR work, “Plants alter the composition of exudates based upon environment or stresses to encourage or discourage bacterial growth within the rhizosphere, thus promoting the growth and development of species beneficial to the plant. The microbes we are placing with the fertilizer are specific to improving the bacterial composition of the rhizosphere. Rhyzo-Link has multiple modes of action, which not only promote plant growth, but also enhance nutrient availability and promote root development.”

Rhyzo-Link® solutions are for innovative producers seeking greater nutrient utilization, elevated coping mechanisms, and a higher level of plant productivity without the degenerative effects on soil health typically promoted by conventional fertilizers. This “Bio-Charged” fertilizer with included plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) promotes an environment more conducive to plant growth. Rhyzo-Link® solutions are a proprietary convergence of a high quality fertilizer with a pure culture, poly-microbial component while ensuring a wide range of plant benefits which directly affect plant growth and improve yield potential.