About Pathway

Pathway is the pioneer and leader in the applied science of Poly Microbial Formulation

Pathway Microbial SciencePoly Microbial Formulation is the originating of multi strain combinations strategically influencing the genetic and practical potential of the plant.

Pathway using pure culture technology characterizes each genus and species revealing strain compatibility which is the pretext to successful formulation adaptation. This successful adaptation maximizes the crop/plant productivity for both plant growth and soil health.

Pathway incorporates the Poly Microbial formulation technology with Pathway’s patented product development platform of combining microbes with fertilizer into single homogeneous products, both primary and secondary nutrients. The patented technology is Pathway’s core marketplace leverage concerning the convenience of a 1 – step process in deploying microbes and fertilizer.

Pathway is enabling fertilizer…primary and secondary nutrients… to become the global delivery system for microbes to the Agronomic world…Bio – Fertility.

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