Poly Microbial Strain PGPR’s (Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria)

Pathway Biologic is an applied microbial science company and an emerging leader in the rapidly growing field of microbial products that boost soil value, optimize plant growth, increase crop performance, improve the efficiency of fertilizer and water in the growing process.

  • Bio-Fertility-product focus is plant growth and nutrient efficiency
  • Pure culture science
  • Science strategy and formulation as a poly-microbial solution
  • Deployment uniqueness with fertilizer and the deployment options with dry, liquid, soluble and tab applications

Pathway is technology independent, producing Pathway product ingredients in our molecular and production laboratories. The ingredients are then further processed into formulations and distributed through our qualified fertilizer and chemical distributors.

Pathway’s lab is creating solutions to the challenges that growers face daily. Pathway’s R&D division is working extensively in developing new formulations that are compatible with fertilizers and pesticides, in developing new formulations that can be applied as seed treatments or in any other stage of the crop development, in developing new ways of exploiting the spore and metabolite production of our inoculants, in developing new ways to efficiently deliver the inoculant to the crops, and in developing new strategies for managing current plant issues.

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